Screen Repairs / Replacement

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Screen Cleaning, Repairs and Replacement

From replacing worn or torn screen mesh, to rebuilding screen frames, Deja View has the knowledge and tools to get it done. Our technicians are able to make repairs to most door and window screens including your sliding patio screens. No longer do you have to put up with bugs coming in, or the ugliness of your torn screens.

Deja View can replace your screen framework too. Many times screen frames can get bent when being removed and reinstalled. The sun can weaken the plastic corners and pull tabs also. If this has happened to you, we have you covered. Call today, and we will stop by to pick up your damaged screens, then once repaired, we will deliver, and reinstall them for you. Deja View can repair your screens quicker, and you don’t have to drive them to the store any more, or figure out how to get them out of the window. Call today for your free repair quote.

Most repairs can be performed on site, using high quality screen materials. In just a few minutes, we can remove your screens, replace the damaged mesh, and reinstall them for you. If you have special or unique screens, we have lots of color and screen options to choose from including pet proof and UV protective mesh. In most cases, we can match your existing screen style and color and do it the same day.

We can even replace your window screens with security wires and sensors. No longer do you have to send them to the alarm company or window manufacturer. Call today and have them replaced locally for a better rate too! You don’t want to have to wait multiple weeks with your alarm system shut off waiting for the national company to get it done.

We can even work with your insurance company in hail damage claims. We can bill them directly or work with you and your budget for repair. Many times we can perform this work for LESS than the insurance is willing to pay you, leaving you with extra money to spend on other things. Bulk rates are available for repairs on 10 or more screens.

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