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Do I need pressure washing?

If you live in the city, you know how dirty your home, patio, sidewalks and other surfaces get. The garage floor can get especially dirty after a long and snowy winter. Our light duty pressure washing service is perfect for your siding, garage floor, patio, decking, brick and masonry, walkways, porches, and other painted surfaces. Keeping your garage and walkways clean, is the first step to keeping your interior flooring clean too. And if you are planning on hosting an outdoor event, getting your party space pressure washed is a must!

Will pressure washing cause damage to my home?

Using our light duty pressure washing equipment, Deja View can safely clean your home, garage, and walkways without causing any damage. Other guys use machines that are meant to clean industrial dirt, and can cause damage to your siding, decking, paint, or other soft surfaces. As always, no harsh chemicals will be used. We want your plants, children, and pets to always be safe. If scrubbing is necessary, a small amount of eco-friendly dish soap will be used to cut the grease and grime. You can be sure that we are not only able to get your home clean, but we can do it with professionalism and care.

Why should I use Deja View?

Our people are what make Deja View different from the rest. True professionalism entails much more than simply knowing how to operate the pressure washing machine. Using too much pressure or improper techniques can cause extensive damage too. Our trained technicians will be extremely careful when cleaning, and moving your potted plants or furniture. Water will not be sprayed into your electrical outlets or light fixtures. We will be sure that your windows and doors are closed, and nearby vegetation is protected. You are in safe hands when you decide to call Deja View to get your walkways and siding looking new again.

Will the workers be safe?

Safety is Deja View’s number one priority. Working with water at height, and on ladders can be a dangerous task. Because of this, we take many steps to help guarantee we perform all services with safety at the top of our mind. All technicians are back-ground checked and skills tested before they are allowed on a job site. Technicians have to pass our initial 10 day intensive training just to be able to then take the additional training to be allowed on a ladder. New technicians learn by helping (from the ground) and watching experienced technicians. There is never a situation where we are asking someone to do something they are unprepared to do safely. We discuss best practices and OSHA requirements during our training and use videos, quizzes, live-demonstrations, and continual training throughout the year to comply with the State of Colorado Division of Labor’s Cost Containment Program, which is designed to reward companies with a proven track record of safety with lower Worker’s Compensation Insurance premiums. We try to schedule dangerous pressure washing jobs with two or more technicians in case they need to help each other carrying or holding the ladders. Using our Customer Relationship Management program we are able to keep detailed, extensive notes on each job location. If there is added complexity, or a higher risk of hazard, we are aware of it, and send our most experienced technicians.

These procedures help give all Deja View customers the peace of mind knowing that we make every reasonable attempt to maintain our safety record and prevent injuries. We are fully insured with General Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation Insurance in case the worst case scenario does happen, despite our best efforts. Under no circumstances will any of our customers be liable for any damage or injury that may occur for any reason.

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Scott Jacob

Littleton, Home Owner

If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them.

Kerry M.

Denver, Home Owner

I used Deja View for window washing. Micah and Isabel were great!  They did about 20 windows and a storm door in about 3 hours. They arrived right on time and the windows are spotless! I wish I took before and after photos.  I also really liked the online quoting and payment system. Super convenient. Will definitely hire Deja View again in the future.

Chris P.

Englewood, Home Owner

These guys did a great job hanging our Christmas lights.  They were the most reasonably priced and were super efficient.  Will definitely be using them again next year!

Tina E.

Westminster, CO

I got my windows washed , inside and out and the gutters cleaned. I will say the entire experience from the start to finish was awesome. The communication was great, they were there on time and were quick and clean. Brandon came and did the initial quote and I received the quote later on the same day. Nate and Micah arrived  on time and did a great job and were very friendly to me and my dogs. I received a thank card yesterday with a 10% discount for another service and then another one today with a sweet treat! I have had many services done on the house and usually the thing I hate the is lack of commutation - Deja View does not have this issue at all. Thanks guys. I will be calling again.

Rosalie M.

Aurora, Colorado

The men Nate and Joe did a GREAT job! They were prompt, skillful, and thorough. I will certainly use them again and recommend them to friends.