Holiday Lights

Professional Holiday Light Hanging

Decorating your home and property with lights is a great way to celebrate the holidays, and make your home look festive. The problem is how dangerous and time-consuming the process is without training and experience. That is where Deja View steps in! We have almost a decade of experience safely hanging lights for our customers, in addition to personal experience, and are getting busier and better each year. This experience has taught us the most efficient ways to hang lights so we don’t take up any more time than is necessary, enabling us to help keep the cost of installation way down. We are happy to do small, single-tree jobs up to very large homes, and even commercial buildings too. We use the lights you already have or have purchased, instead of selling you unnecessarily expensive lights. There are no added fees for storage either. That idea just seems weird to us, so we will happily help you move your lights to the attic, basement, or wherever is out of the way for you. Our fees will be for labor only. We will even provide the clips, cords, and connectors necessary to complete your lighting design.

Holiday Lighting Design Options

We have found over the years that the best thing to do first is have a discussion with you about your design ideas. Some folks already know what they want, and for others, this is their first time. We are happy to work with any customer, and provide our professional opinion when necessary. Most homes will have a mixture of lights installed on the rooflines and a couple select trees. If you want to add more to the wintery scene, we can also assist you in installing ground level lights, and other yard ornaments.

How do you put lights in the trees?

Our most common designs for trees are either a Bow Wrap or a Trunk Wrap, or a combination of the two. The Bow Wrap is when the lights go in a loose circular, or spiral shape up the branches and limbs (up to 35”). The Trunk Wrap is when the lights (usually mini’s) are wrapped tightly up the trunk, and sometimes up the limbs too. When wrapping the bow, we will use extension poles to reach anything above our heads. A step ladder can be used in some cases when wrapping the trunk, enabling us to go up to 12’ on branches. Simply because all trees are different, and have varied terrain around them, installation times can vary widely. Call or text today to have a certified technician provide you with a free, no obligation quote. Trees can be extremely lit up or just wrapped a few times, depending on what you want. No one has ever said to us, “There are too many lights in that tree”, so we suggest getting a lot. We like to talk about how many strands and what length they are in order to determine your desires and expectations. Of course costs can vary depending on how many lights you have, and how big the tree is.

How do you put lights on roofs?

Since there are lots of bulb styles and types, we have different clips on hand for different areas of attachment. Our main goal is to make sure all clips are uniform so the lights all look symmetrical when light up at night. We try and make sure all the lights are pointed upward, like a candle might look, but this depends on the lights, and the surface they are being attached to. Each bulb will have a clip when using bulbs C7 and larger, giving a very sleek, professional look. Added measures will be taken to keep the lights attached in high wind applications. After determining which lights go where, we will tactfully decide where the extension cords will need to go. Our aim is to minimize the amount of cords used, and place them where they will not be conspicuous if at all possible. It is great if you already have outlets available in your soffit/ eaves. This helps minimize what cords can be seen. We will at least run color appropriate cords along/behind gutter downspouts to keep the cords from dangling around in plain view. After we are done, we test all the lights and timers before leaving to make sure everything is working properly.

Should I buy new LED lights?

LED lights are 90% more efficient than traditional bulbs, which means they are much easier to place without having to worry about circuit breakers tripping or lights being underpowered. LED lights require less extension cords because many strands can be plugged into one another. They are also usually plastic instead of glass, and will stay lit even if a single bulb is out. Altogether, the benefits of buying new LED lights and recycling the old incandescent are well worth the initial investment. If you have any questions regarding what type of lights you already have or need, please feel free to call or text, and our lighting professional will gladly come take a look, and provide you with a recommendation.

How Can I Save Money on my installation?

Our cost estimates are based on how long we believe the installation will take to complete. You will be charged only for our labor. Things like unpacking new boxes, retrieving lights from the basement, untangling, and determining where they go, all take up more time. This can lead to costs being much more than if the strands are already laid out or near where they are to be hung. As a company, Deja View is happy to provide you with full service, even if it is more time-consuming. However, we also strive to be flexible, and offer a lower cost option as well. The difference is the time we have to spend getting the lights ready to be hung, with more time equaling more money. After the first time we hang lights, they will be properly labeled, saving lots of time and effort when hanging the following year. Before we hang any lights, whether new or previously used, we plug them in to make sure they are all working properly. This is another step that you can complete to help keep your costs low. Untangling strands is time-consuming and can be frustrating, but needs to be done. Again, anything you do to help, will coincide with reducing the time necessary to get your home looking festive.

Our People are the Deja View Difference

Safety is Deja View’s number one priority. Because of this, we take many steps to help guarantee we perform all services with safety at the top of our mind, especially light hanging in winter conditions. All technicians are back-ground checked and skills tested before they are allowed on a job site. Technicians have to pass our initial 10 day intensive training just to be able to then take the additional training to be allowed on a ladder. New technicians learn by helping (from the ground) and watching experienced technicians. There is never a situation where we are asking someone to do something they are unprepared to do safely. We discuss best practices and OSHA requirements during our training and use videos, quizzes, live-demonstrations, and continual training throughout the year to comply with the State of Colorado Division of Labor’s Cost Containment Program, which is designed to reward companies with a proven track record of safety with lower Worker’s Compensation Insurance premiums. We try to schedule solar cleaning jobs with two or more technicians in case they need to help each other carrying or holding the ladders. Using our Customer Relationship Management program we are able to keep detailed, extensive notes on each job location. If there is added complexity, or a higher risk of hazard, we are aware of it, and send our most experienced technicians. Using a roof anchor, (which we can help you install on most roofs), we require technicians to wear Personal Fall Protection. This is a harness and rope that prevents someone from falling very far, even if they slip while on the roof. Sometimes we are not able to install a roof anchor for the harness to attach to, which means we spend more time working from the ladder, rather than getting on the roof. These procedures help give all Deja View customers the peace of mind knowing that we make every reasonable attempt to maintain our safety record and prevent injuries. We are fully insured with General Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation Insurance in case the worst case scenario does happen, despite our best efforts. Under no circumstances will any of our customers be liable for any damage or injury that may occur for any reason.