Gutter Cleaning / Flushing

Gutter cleaning is an extremely necessary point of maintenance for most homes. Your gutter systems are designed to collect rainwater from the roof, and carry it away from the foundation of the home through downspouts. Since both the gutter troughs and downspouts need to be clear to do this, having clogged gutters could cause an overflow of water, or a back up in the system. If the water has nowhere to go, it will naturally fill up the gutter and eventually overflow onto the foundation of the home – and it won’t stop there! Depending on the amount of water and the condition of the foundation, water could seep into your basement, egress windows, or crawl space. Call Deja View to perform this very necessary task and prevent catastrophe. We promise to do it safely, and not leave a mess behind. We will even haul away the collected debris for you!

Do I need my gutters cleaned?

Cleaning out gutters, downspouts, and extensions is an important part of building maintenance. Gutters get filled by everything that lands on your roof including loose shingles & asphalt granules, dirt, leaves, needles, animal & insect nests, balls, and toys. By removing these you can be assured your gutter system is working properly, which means allowing water that lands on your roof to flow away from your home’s foundation. Water that overflows the gutters or that lands on a structure without gutters will fall down into the ground near the foundation, where it can erode the concrete or brick and create a very expensive structural problem that could significantly decrease the building’s value. A foundation that has been impacted by water damage leaves the structure vulnerable to moving. This results in things like cracks in walls and ceilings, windows and doors not opening or closing properly, and water leaks into the basement. Water seeping into your basement can ruin any finish and create a mold problem. Sidewalks and concrete flatwork that are impacted by gutter overflows result in the soil underneath moving which creates cracks and uneven walkways, leading to expensive repairs such as “mudjacking” and potential safety issues from trips or falls. Book your free visual inspection today! Clogged gutters also result in standing water in the gutters, which in warmer months is a conducive environment for insect colonies and mold to form, creating an undesirable condition that is preventable with regular cleanings. Standing water also erodes the gutter itself, causing rust to form. Many times the added weight causes the gutter to bend and slope in the opposing direction preventing proper flow. Many times this results in a new gutter needing to be constructed and attached. In colder months, full gutters allow moisture to freeze, causing ice dams which can damage the roof, gutters, fascia, and soffit. Clogged downspouts can freeze and thaw, a process that can create leaks in the gutter elbows which will need to be repaired or replaced to prevent the water from reaching the foundation.

How often should my gutters be cleaned?

We recommend 1 – 2 cleanings each year for most homes or other buildings. More cleanings per year may be necessary for unique structures, or homes that have unusually high amounts of trees or debris. Some trees produce large amounts of debris in both Spring and Fall, in which case cleaning twice a year is definitely recommended. When getting a home or building ready to put on the market, gutter cleaning can be mandated after inspections. We are happy to get your gutter systems working again and provide proof to your buyers.

Our Process

Deja View technicians start off by hand-bagging all the debris we can get from the roof and gutters and noting any potential areas in need of repair. When possible, we will use Personal Fall Protection in accordance with OSHA standards. After we remove most of the debris into our bags, we use a high-powered air blower to blow out the remaining dust particles from the gutters. If the downspout is clogged, we attempt to push the blockage to the bottom using our gutter cleaning scoops, air blower, water jugs, and finally a hose if need be. We guarantee all downspouts are cleared so water will flow smoothly after we leave. We always bag the debris, and take it with us when we leave the property. Never will you be charged additional fees for clogged downspouts or disposing of the debris. Our pricing is all inclusive. .After we finish the roof and gutter portion, we use our blowers to clean up debris that may have fallen onto decks or walkways below, ensuring that your property is cleaner than when we arrived.

Our People

Safety is Deja View’s number one priority. Without our technicians safe and happy, we are nothing. Because of this, we take many steps to help guarantee we perform all services with safety at the top of our mind. All technicians are back-ground checked and skills tested before they are allowed on a job site. Technicians have to pass our initial 10 day intensive training just to be able to then take the additional training to be allowed on a ladder. New technicians learn by helping (from the ground) and watching experienced technicians so there is never a situation where we are asking someone to do something they are unprepared to do safely. We discuss best practices and OSHA requirements during our training and use videos, quizzes, live-demonstrations, and continual training throughout the year to comply with the State of Colorado Division of Labor’s Cost Containment Program, which is designed to reward companies with a proven track record of safety with lower Worker’s Compensation Insurance premiums. We try to schedule gutter cleaning jobs with two or more technicians in case they need to help each other carrying or holding the ladders. Using our Customer Relationship Management software, we are able to keep detailed, extensive notes on each job we do so if there is added complexity or a higher risk of hazard, we are aware of it and can send our most experienced technicians. Using a roof anchor and harness, all technicians are required to use Personal Fall Protection equipment. This prevents someone from hitting the ground even if they slip off the roof. Sometimes we are not able to install a harness connection point which means we do more work from the ladder rather than getting on the roof. These procedures help give all Deja View customers the peace of mind knowing that we make every reasonable attempt to maintain our safety record and prevent injuries. We are fully insured with General Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation Insurance in case the worst case scenario does happen despite our best efforts. Under no circumstances will any of our customers be liable for any damage or injury that may occur for any reason.