Window Washing

Deja View has the equipment, training, and experience

Our technicians have the knowledge to clean a wide range of window types and styles, new or old. If you have storm windows, Pella, double hung, French panes, or custom glass work, we’ve cleaned them all. We have specialized training on how to properly clean newly installed windows or other post construction cleaning too. Getting building debris like paint, stucco, plaster, and tape off of glass is a special skill not all window cleaners have, but we do! Let our crew of window cleaning professionals do the dirty work for you.

Deja View can clean your hard to reach windows safely.

We are traditional window cleaners, and that means getting up close to the window in order to clean it with detail. This can be very dangerous at times, so we mandate all of our technicians follow OSHA workplace safety protocol. Our technicians receive multiple hours of safety training, including weekly sessions, in an effort to be the safest residential window cleaners around. Our detailed training covers how to properly use fall protection, ladders, walking on various roof types, and many of the other hazards faced when working at height. Since we still love to clean windows by hand, we will only use water fed pole systems or other extension poles when it is otherwise unsafe.

Deja View Window Washing is the residential service professionals you’ve been looking for!

The biggest difference is in our people. If you are looking for conscientious, meticulous, detail oriented, and considerate professionals to serve you and your home, then you have come to the right place. You shouldn’t have to put up with sloppy guys that just leave a mess behind, or don’t know how to behave in your home. No more miscommunication, rescheduling, or getting the runaround, because you now have Deja View working for you! We will be clear in setting expectations and following through, with integrity, in any services performed.

Deja View Window Washing specializes in cleaning high-end, residential properties.

We believe that there is a huge difference between cleaning a store front, and being in your home. If you agree, then you will be thrilled with the high level of service and care you will receive. Starting with our quoting process and booking an appointment, you will start to see the details involved in our daily systems. Once our technicians arrive, and your service begins, you will quickly understand why our people are the difference between Deja View and the “other guy”. Always included is a full cleaning of the window tracks, framework, sills, and screens too. Your windows will stay cleaner longer, because we clean the entire window, not just the glass.

Interior window cleaning is a special skill of ours too.

Our well trained technicians are masters at being careful and considerate in your home. We know how special your belongings are. Great care will be taken when moving items or furniture away from the working area. Because window cleaning can be a dirty job, we will always use drop cloths and wear shoe covers while working indoors. You won’t have to worry anymore about your cleaners leaving a mess behind, because we don’t make messes. We clean them, and take them with us.

You can choose to have both inside and out cleaned, or the exterior only. Call now for a FREE, in-home estimate.

Exterior window cleaning needs done more frequently than the inside does in most homes. If you are in the city, it is a lot more often! That’s why we offer all of our customers a 10% discount anytime they have their windows cleaned within six months of the previous cleaning. You deserve to see clearly all year long. Keeping just the outside clean is a great way to keep your view, and save your budget.

We guarantee all of our work!

If you have ever tried to clean a window yourself, then you might understand how difficult it can be to get everything “streak free”. This is exactly why we guarantee you that if you see any smudges, drips, smears, or any other flaw in our work, we will happily come back to your home, and correct things to your satisfaction.

We also offer you a 7-DAY Rain Guarantee!

You can feel secure with your investment in clean windows as we offer the industry’s longest guarantee against weather. If your view gets cloudy within 7 days of service, we will return to make touch ups free of charge.

Cleaning in cold weather is no problem!

Deja View Window Washing is open all year ‘round, and can work outdoors in temperatures as low as 20 degrees. Don’t let the cold stop you from having clean windows for your next house party, guests, or special event. You deserve a clear view, and our vision technicians can safely work in most any weather.

Safety is our standard.

Safety is Deja View’s number one priority. Window cleaning can be an extremely dangerous task. Because of this, we take many steps to help guarantee we perform all services with safety at the top of our mind. All technicians are back-ground checked and skills tested before they are allowed on a job site. Technicians have to pass our initial 10 day intensive training just to be able to then take the additional training to be allowed on a ladder. New technicians learn by helping (from the ground) and watching experienced technicians so there is never a situation where we are asking someone to do something they are unprepared to do safely. We discuss best practices and OSHA requirements during our training and use videos, quizzes, live-demonstrations, and continual training throughout the year to comply with the State of Colorado Division of Labor’s Cost Containment Program, which is designed to reward companies with a proven track record of safety with lower Worker’s Compensation Insurance premiums. We try to schedule window cleaning jobs with two or more technicians in case they need to help each other carrying or holding the ladders. Using our Customer Relationship Management software, we are able to keep detailed, extensive notes on each job we do so if there is added complexity or a higher risk of hazard, we are aware of it and can send our most experienced technicians. Using a roof anchor and harness, all technicians are required to use Personal Fall Protection equipment. This prevents someone from hitting the ground even if they slip off the roof. Sometimes we are not able to install a harness connection point which means we do more work from the ladder rather than getting on the roof. These procedures help give all Deja View customers the peace of mind knowing that we make every reasonable attempt to maintain our safety record and prevent injuries. We are fully insured with General Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation Insurance in case the worst case scenario does happen despite our best efforts. Under no circumstances will any of our customers be liable for any damage or injury that may occur for any reason.